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With ICQ you can easily communicate online by using text chat, voice and video conversations with anyone, such as a friend, colleague or a family member. This method of communication is a lot faster than email, excellent for quick short conversations and is perfect for occasions when you can not meet in person. In the latest version of ICQ, while keeping everything you are accustomed to about it, such as your contact list, smileys, and quick access to all your buddies, many creative new ways to connect and share thoughts, files and photos were added. Same as before, it is 100% free of charge to download ICQ and use most of its exciting features.

ICQ Features

Mobile text messaging

Text message your friends’ mobile phones with an SMS from your ICQ. Your friends can text you back from their cell phone straight into your ICQ conversation window.

Super-quick IM

Faster instant messaging? Yes, of course! Now you can send and receive your instant messages right in your Contact List or in the message notification on your desktop.

Voice and Video Conversations

Write, chat, talk and look at your friends using text, voice and video. In ICQ you can use each communication panel separately, or combine them all in one window.

The “Follow Me” feature

Stay connected while you are away from your PC, by using the new Follow Me feature. Just change your status to "follow me", then enter your mobile phone number and ICQ will forward all your instant messages straight to your PDA or mobile phone.

Tabbed Conversations

Now you can combine all of your conversations in one instant message window. With ICQ you can toggle between different conversations simply by clicking the corresponding tabs at the top of the chat window.


Chat with several people at once in the same conversation window – conference-call style.

ICQ 7 New Features

ICQ 7's new and improved features include:

  • Easy integration with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Flickr
  • Directly comment on most social networks from within ICQ
  • Get personal status updates from your friends with a single click
  • More details for your ICQ user profile
  • Brand new photosharing tool
  • Improved efficiency and performance, up to 30% quicker & lighter than previous ICQ version

Other Features

  • Keep a history of your conversations
  • Expanded Search Options
  • Quick Access to Unread Messages

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