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Messenger addons

Addons are software packs, that are used to enhance and complement the existing features of a software program. This could be a toolbar for your browser, a plugin for your media player, or in this case, a bonus pack for an instant messenger. SmileyCentral and Iminent are some examples of software addons, compatible with instant messaging.

Messenger Software

With AOL Messenger you can easily communicate online by using text chat, voice and video conversations with anyone, such as a friend, colleague or a family member. This method of communication is a lot faster than email, excellent for quick short conversations and is perfect for occasions when you can not meet in person. In the latest version of AOL Messenger, while keeping everything you are accustomed to about Messenger, such as your contact list, smileys, and quick access to all your buddies, many creative new ways to connect and share thoughts, files and photos were added. Same as before, it is 100% free of charge to download AOL Messenger and use most of its exciting features.

AOL Instant Messenger Features


Get updates from Your Buddies

The new Lifestream feature allows you to follow your AIM Buddies and their actions by giving you capabilities to track many accounts from popular social media properties, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. You can receive status updates from your AIM Buddies, share pictures and post comments to stay in touch.

Leave Comments

Post Comments in Real Time

Leave comments for your friends quickly and easily. As soon as you write a comment on your buddy's AIM Lifestream, the comment will be posted directly to Facebook, Twitter and other services.

Brand New Look and Feel

Customize Your Color Themes

In the new AIM you can select from a variety of new color schemes and change themes. The freshly redesigned user interface also lets you view Buddy Icons and status messages more clearly.

Crop a Buddy Icon

Upload Photos Instantly

You can now easily and quickly change your Buddy Icons by uploading photos from your PC, creating your own avatar or flipping through the Expressions library.

Mobile Phone functionality

AIM On the Go

AIM is now available on many popular PDAs and Mobile phones. Download the newest version of AIM on your iPhone, Blackberry or Windows Mobile.

Quicker and Lighter Performance

The latest AIM version runs faster while using less resources, such as memory and disk space from your computer.

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Addon Resources

Already itching to install cool add-ons for your instant messengers? Learn about Mindspark's addon SmileyCentral, or the Iminent addon from Iminent SA.
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Download AOL Instant Messenger

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